ERAMO UK Ltd was the brain child of the same founder of Eramo Developments Ltd, that after more than 30 years of development and building experience, in and around London, has a clear and conscious understanding of clients needs and market trends.


With passion and determination the ERAMO UK team has a strong professional vision of what can make the difference in design and building innovative and exceptional indoor and outdoor living spaces and places that people just want to "Live” in.


The core of our construction team has over 30 years' building experience, the core of our design team has an international experience and multi skill approach in style and architecture.


We can shape your world, providing the best design to reflect your desire, and an outstanding construction that meets your needs and expectations, providing you Stress-Free Quality.


Proud to be considered YOUR BEST CHOICE!



Managing Director


"With my decades of knowledge and hands on experience in the construction industry and property development, I strive to lead my company honorably into the future".


ARB Architect

"Architecture and styles, as languages ​​that tell: territories, people and visions. I love to design a present that dwells in a timeless tomorrow".


SHEC Manager


"Safety in the workplace and sustainability values are at the heart of our business. I ensure we provide complete compliance to our clients throughout the project phases".


Contracts and Co-ordination


"I derive great joy from things working well, whether a building, a team or global-scale matters. And for me, key to that is understanding others' and our own needs".